How Safe Is Your Drinking Water?

How Bad Is The Water In Ashburn?

 The Krystal Klear Water system has been featured on over 600 different TV & radio stations, newspapers, blogs, websites & other news outlets, including: 

What Type Of System Do You Need?

Kitchen Only

Deliver clear, clean water from your kitchen sink without needing to have a special faucet drilled into your counter top.

Krystal Klear Tri Clear

Deliver clear, clean water from every faucet and shower in your home. Replacement filters last 12 months in most homes.

Krystal Klear Descaler

Prolong the life of your appliances, faucets, pipes and water heater by reducing the scale build up and lime in your pipes. 

Krystal Klear Whole House Total Solution

Deliver clear, clean water from every faucet and shower in your home. Comes with a 5 year filter guarantee.

About Krystal Klear Water

We’re a family owned business based in Williamsville, New York – a suburb of Buffalo. And no, it doesn’t snow here every day. Just 364 days. We’re kidding. It’s actually a great place to live.

We got started in the water filtration business back in 1996. A lot of our customers would ask us about water softeners and filters.  After doing a lot of homework, we realized that water softeners were terrible for the environment so we decided to create our own line of products.

Krystal Klear is THE choice for top athletes, celebrities & musicians!

Kourtney Kardashian  -  Blair Underwood -  Ricki Lake -  Daryl Hannah -  Bill Maher
Deadmau5 -  Steve Moore -  Skylar Grey -  John Paul White -  Former Mr. USA Bob Gosch

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Krystal Klear is a proud member of the Water Quality Association (WQA). Unlike the majority of companies that promote their products without any independent testing, our Electronic Descaler has been tested by the International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials (IAPMO).